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The One South Realty Group, formed in January of 2008, is an independent brokerage located in Richmond's Fan District and we see the world a little bit differently. We have both sought out and adopted the most progressive sales and marketing practices from many different industries to help us better promote our properties and ourselves. From day one, we set out to create a methodology designed to reach our audience quickly, clearly and powerfully.

And if these numbers mean anything, it has worked well...

How Does One South Compare?

While the recent market upheaval has caused many casualties, One South has grown from the 'Original Gang of 5' to one of the premier brokerages in the Metro within a very short time frame. Attracting agents from many companies, large and small, who sought a better way, One South grew into the teeth of a market undergoing fundamental change. By focusing on the techniques that work, we have achieved one of the highest average sales prices in the region all while maintaining one of the shortest marketing times of any brokerage in the Richmond Association of Realtors. Achieving the highest prices in the shortest period of time for our clients is always the goal. Focusing our effort to those two ends, we have demonstrated that real estate is still thoroughly local and quality representation matters.

Featured Projects


Citizen 6 | Floyd Ave

Citizen 6, located along Floyd Avenue, is a unique opportunity for 6 home buyers to own not only a new home in the Fan, but one with a unique and exciting aesthetic which departs sharply from much of the neighborhood’s perceived architectural style.  


The Tredegar Condos

Located in the heart of the Museum District, the Tredegar Condos are the latest entrant to the Richmond market.  Painstakingly renovated by one of Richmond’s best historic preservationists, the Tredegar Condos seamlessly blend the building’s original detailing with the modern conveniences demanded by today’s marketplace. Visit for more information or to schedule a tour.


Tribeca Brownstones | Randolph

The Tribeca Brownstones have moved on to Phase II. Phase II of the Tribeca Brownstones are being built along Dobson Street near the VCU campus and Hollywood Cemetery.  Slightly smaller in scale than Phase I, the beautifully crafted and wonderfully designed collection of 6 homes both compliment and support the elegant brick exteriors of the […]


Ginter Place Condos

In early 2012, we were approached by the developers of Ginter Place to discuss taking the lead role in the project’s sales.  Of the 70 units, 15 had sold in the first 4 years of marketing the property.  Ginter Place was in danger of becoming a failed condominium project with a conversion to apartments. [ […]


The Decatur

Located in the heart of one of Richmond’s fastest growing revitalization districts, the Decatur represents the best in luxury loft living.  With over 4200 SF of living space and finishes straight from a designer’s dream, the Decatur is one of the most spectacular properties in the entire Metro area. Download the Brochure here …


Huntt’s Row

Along the 2600 Block of Kensington Avenue in Richmond’s Fan District will soon sit a development of 8 new town homes.  The project, dubbed Huntt’s Row, will offer decidedly upscale and historically compatible newly constructed homes on one of the Fan’s most walkable blocks. The homes will blend a traditional exterior aesthetic with an interior […]

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Who is this One South Group, Anyway?

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The Reserve | The Quintessential OSR Project

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A Look Inside…

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the database Realtors use to find properties. We us it to find properties currently for sale or may have already sold.  We use it to see which were pulled from the market (or never sold) as well as about any tiny fact you you can imagine about a home. It … [Read More...]