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The One South Realty Group, formed in January of 2008, is an independent brokerage located in Richmond's Fan District and we see the world a little bit differently. We have both sought out and adopted the most progressive sales and marketing practices from many different industries to help us better promote our properties and ourselves. From day one, we set out to create a methodology designed to reach our audience quickly, clearly and powerfully.

It has worked well, if you believe the numbers...

While the recent market upheaval has caused many casualties, One South has grown from the 'Original Gang of 5' to one of the premier brokerages in the Metro within a very short time frame. Attracting agents from many companies, large and small, who sought a better way, One South grew into the teeth of a market undergoing fundamental change. By focusing on the techniques that work, we have achieved one of the highest average sales prices in the region all while maintaining one of the shortest marketing times of any brokerage in the Richmond Association of Realtors. Achieving the highest prices in the shortest period of time for our clients is always the goal. Focusing our effort to those two ends, we have demonstrated that real estate is still thoroughly local and quality representation matters.

Featured Projects


Citizen 6 | Floyd Ave

Citizen 6, located along Floyd Avenue, is a unique opportunity for 6 home buyers to own not only a new home in the Fan, but one with a unique and exciting aesthetic which departs sharply from much of the neighborhood’s perceived architectural style.  


Ginter Place Condos

In early 2012, we were approached by the developers of Ginter Place to discuss taking the lead role in the project’s sales.  Of the 70 units, 15 had sold in the first 4 years of marketing the property.  Ginter Place was in danger of becoming a failed condominium project with a conversion to apartments. [ […]

From the Blog

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Rules of Thumb

Rules of Thumb. Back-of-the-napkin math. Smell tests. Gut feelings. Field tests. These are all terms we have heard used to describe 'quick and dirty' analysis.  In real estate, it is always the goal to find the best opportunity in the market and by understanding some basic 'rules,' you can … [Read More...]


RVA in the Year 2033

I recently had the pleasure of driving an old friend around Richmond.  It was the first time he had seen the city in over 20 years. While his path since graduation graduation from University of Richmond in the early 1990's included time in New Jersey, Atlanta and Austin (as well as several … [Read More...]

Some of Our Sales


Gotham | 1205 E Main

The curious case of Gotham. Developed in the early 2000’s by the REO Enterprises team, Gotham, according to most Richmonder’s, would fail miserably. As is the case with Richmond and something ‘new to Richmond,’ we were wrong. Gotham was supposed to be different. Designed by local architect David Johannas and his team, it was one […]


The Reserve Unit 3 | Downtown

The Reserve project, located along 25th Street and E Franklin in the Church Hill, Shockoe Bottom and Tobacco Row area of Downtown, was a interesting project in that it combined both historic warehouse renovation with ground up, new construction. The warehouse component of the project was 9 unique units filled with the character and texture […]


14641 Gildenborough Drive | Salisbury

It could be argued Salisbury, spanning nearly 5 decades of development in the NW corner of Chesterfield, is one of the regions most important subdivisions. With roots that trace back into the 1960’s, the neighborhood provided a home for many of the Midlothian area families and proved that luxury and wealth existed south of the […]


The New Office

On July 16, 2013, we moved into the new One South Realty World HQ at 2314 West Main Street in Richmond’s Fan District. And on October, 17, 2013, we won a Golden Hammer for ‘Best Commercial Renovation – Large Scale’ for our efforts. After 5 years in our initial location at 1435 West Main Street […]