Nov 3, 2020

A Progressive Southern Firm

Richmond, Virginia is an interesting place.

Richmond has a history as full, amazing and diverse as any city in America.  It is a city steeped in tradition and filled with pride that, for many, dates back generations.

We recognize that.

We also recognize that now, more than ever, there is fundamental change occurring in Richmond.  Our population is diversifying at an dizzying rate with people from all the corners of the US (and the world, really) and all of us will be tasked with welcoming them here and allowing them to help us realize just a little more of the untapped potential Richmond is yet to harness.

We want to be a part of that.

At One South (click here to learn about the origin of our name), we speak ‘Richmond’ and can communicate ‘Richmond-eze’ to those who just got here and want to call it home.  We can communicate the effects of the past and the reasons for things that seem less obvious to those not from here.  We recognize the way things have been done for years and respect that the past will always have a place in the way of Richmond.

But equally as important is recognizing where we are headed.

The revitalization of our urban core is occurring as we speak.  Smarter growth and sustainable building techniques are conversations that didn’t exist in the public dialogue even a few years ago.  Both young and old are seeking smaller footprints, intelligent design and walkability more than ever before.  Modern Architecture is increasingly celebrated (finally!) as is the return to the authenticity of Craftsman designs of yesteryear.

We are a part of these conversations, too, because we chose to learn the language.

Progressive AND Southern is not a contradiction… is what we are.