One South History

How We Started

OUR History

The Beginning

When we opened our doors in January of 2008, little did we know about the trip we were about to take.

From the original ‘Gang of 5’ in the funny colored building in Richmond’s Fan District, to over 100 agents and staff in multiple markets, One South has continued to grow, regardless of the obstacles placed in its path.

Through relentlessly pushing traditional boundaries, tirelessly adopting the newest and most advanced techniques, and willingly investing in better the science of information and data, One South’s has redefined the market’s expectations of what a real estate brokerage can be.

Our our original office at 1435 W Main Street. Note the original One South sign above the door.

The Original Idea

So the original idea was as follows: blend the residential and commercial disciplines under one roof, take a more technical and strategic approach to sales, strive to be the most informed brokerage in Richmond, and wrap it all in a contemporary brand that spoke to the ‘new’ version of Richmond that was rapidly evolving.

It doesn’t seem that radical now, but it was when we started.

Since opening, to say that the market has changed is an understatement. 

How can you tell that you are working with a group of true professionals? They grow regardless of market conditions. 

From the dizzying heights of 2008 to the unfathomable lows – we grew.

When financing options disappeared and development ceased – we grew. 

When our competitors shrunk and nearly half of the Realtors left the business – we grew. 

When inventory levels began to fall and prices began to spike – we grew.

And when COVID hit and the market went haywire – we grew, too. 

Our consistent growth has been a result of one fundamental thing – a relentless dedication to providing the most valuable advice. 


Richmond Biz Sense Rising 25


Richmond Biz Sense Rising 25


Golden Hammer Award Winner


CoStar Power Broker