Nov 3, 2020

Ants + Megaphones – The Market Speaks

Loudspeakers against blue skyIn the must read book of this century, The Long Tail, author Chris Anderson (former editor of Wired Magazine) writes a section titled  “The Ants Have Megaphones.”  That phrase is one of the best encapsulations of how the web has placed the power of the market into the hands of the consumer giving each individual a voice like never before.

This power shift has reshaped all industries.

The advent of IDX-based search sites, along with public search portals such as Trulia and Zillow, has been our industry’s disruptive force and has forcibly removed the one competitive advantage that all Realtors had…control of MLS information.  The old way of doing business (hoarding information) is not a model that the public will support and the behaviors associated with that method of thinking are a quick ticket to a career change.

In effect, the web and social media have offered those that choose to listen an easy to interpret message about how they wish to be treated.

The public has spoken and their collective voice says:

  • Help us interpret the information and we will be loyal.
  • Don’t think that we can’t figure it out.
  • We will contact you when WE think it is necessary.
  • If you aren’t willing to help, then someone else is.
  • The web helps us identify the experts.
  • We will do our homework.
  • Show us respect.

We get it.