Nov 3, 2020

Better Ingredients Means Better DEALS!!!!

If you are reading this it means that you have an interest in finding the best deals in the marketplace. Here is how…

Combining Fields

The coolest feature of MLS is the ability to combine search fields. MLS in the hands of an experienced agent is like giving a surgeon the best instruments or a mechanic the best set of tools. You get the best results.

I was once told that the average MLS has about $6M in incorrectly priced property at any given time and with over $1B of active property in the RVA MLS, it could be far higher in actuality. I am not sure how that figure was generated but one of our posts that breaks down the difference between AVM and MLS is here.

Bank Owned — Good Deal or Not?

The profile of a ‘GOOD DEAL’ not necessarily the cheapest home nor is always the ‘BANK OWNED’ property. Sometimes a GOOD DEAL is a home that is one with upside. Sometimes it is a home that can be negotiated into a good value for the buyer. Sometimes it is the smallest home in the neighborhood and sometimes it is a home that is not even on the market.

The homes on our GOOD DEAL pages, found here, represent the best we could keep updated on our public sites with the blunt instrument of IDX. When you have us create your CLIENT GATEWAY, it gives us many more fields to search on and immediate notification when they become available. If you allow us to customize your gateway, then we can really have the system go to work for you.

Call us when you are ready to identify the best deals in the market for you.