Nov 3, 2020

Branding 101 – Why Do You Matter?


Who are you?
What do you do?

If you keep those three things in mind (especially the latter) when you undertake any marketing effort, then odds are, you will create something that is effective.

At One South, we believe that your message should be consistent, powerful, topical and current across all of portals.  It should offer value to not only the client, but to the public, as the more we educate everyone about the process, the more our industry will be viewed as an integral part of the buying and selling of homes.

Ultimately, if you cannot explain how you can make a difference, then you do not matter in this business.  The days of being a gatekeeper of information (pre- Zillow and pre-Trulia) are long gone and being able to defend your turf requires far more skills than ever before.  You need to become a part the process and add value along the entire deal track, not just a provider of information.

Guidance, analytics, interpretation, predictions, modeling, syndication and trend analysis are all a part of the modern Realtors new job description and needs to become a part of any brand which we seek to create for ourselves.