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Doughnuts and Interest Rates

Twenty plus years ago, just as I was getting into the real estate business, interest rates sat at 7.5 percent ...
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Luxury Housing in Richmond VA

Luxury Housing in Richmond … Historic or New?

It is not a secret that Richmond VA is old. As we still have many structures which predate the US, ...
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Buying a home in Richmond VA

If I Were a Buyer…

Sometimes I wonder how I would be as a buyer. If, for some reason, I moved from Richmond to another ...
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Montreal apartments exterior

Growing Your Portfolio … Where to Begin?

[ This article was written by Tom Rosman, Commercial Partner at One South ] Recently, I had coffee with one ...
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Investment Property in Richmond VA

When searching for investment property in Richmond, VA, you need to keep several things in mind.  If you are considering ...
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How Does One South Realty Compare?

How Does One South Realty Compare?

Since opening during some of the most challenging market conditions imaginable, One South has made a commitment to focus on ...
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New or Used Homes — What is the Value Difference?

In a brief departure from the Back to the Future Series (Fan and Midlothian have been studied thus far), this ...
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zillow tuckerman

Zillow and Trulia // Do They Work?

Zillow and Trulia are pretty amazing sites with amazing amounts of information.  The depth of available information and the other ...
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