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The Change –– 2018 into 2019

The Change –– 2018 into 2019

Each year at One South, we sit down as a group and talk about the prior year and what we ...
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Soap Bubbles

B – B – B – Bubble???

I just got ‘Bubbled’ again. I was in a conversation with a client who dismissively called the most recent price ...
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The First Time Home Buyer Article (FINALLY!)

We have received many requests from folks to write a blog about First Time Home Buying.  And while we have ...
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Please, don't be mad at us. It is really not our fault ...


You're gonna be mad at us. We wish there was something we could do about it, but there's nothing. Maybe ...
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2016 – What to Expect

At the beginning of each year, we try to write a piece offering our predictions for the coming season. 2015 was ...
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Doughnuts and Interest Rates

Twenty plus years ago, just as I was getting into the real estate business, interest rates sat at 7.5 percent ...
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Algorithms and Realtors

Find a table of Realtors and have them go around a circle describing what they do. Odds are, you will ...
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Buying a home in Richmond VA

If I Were a Buyer…

Sometimes I wonder how I would be as a buyer. If, for some reason, I moved from Richmond to another ...
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Good Faith Estimate // Understanding The Process

What is a Good Faith Estimate, anyway? A good faith estimate (or GFE) is a 3 page document which must ...
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