Nov 3, 2020

Commercial Lending // Credit Lines with Several Commas

A rolls of dollars, isolatedCompany building is one of the most thrilling and satisfying endeavors that any entrepreneur can undertake.  Having the opportunity to do this by working for/with one of the most successful men in Virginia was a an experience that still pays dividends today.

Helping to take Mr. Carl Silver (Silver Construction Capital) from $0 to over $200M in outstanding development, construction and renovation loans in a 7 year period required verve, diligence, tenacity, knowledge and spirit.  Sarah Jarvis, Principal Broker, served as Head Loan Officer in the Richmond office for Mr. Silver.  It was his funding that provided ‘takedown’ and bridge financing to spearheaded much of the tax credit redevelopment in the city during the early 2000’s.  He also funded many home builders and land developers on Richmond’s suburban rim.  Providing development capital to many of the Metro’s most successful builders and developers created access to those who made things happen.

Properties such as The Reserve, The Emrick Flats, and The Grace Street Hospital (to name a few) were all funded at some point by Mr. Silver’s private equity.  The knowledge gained and network created are used daily by all at One South.

No brokerage in Richmond can offer the same.