Nov 3, 2020

Delivering Your Message // Consistency Matters

Your website is connected to Facebook is connected to LinkedIn is connected to Pinterest is connected to Youtube is connected to….you get the picture.  There is nothing more disappointing than clicking on someone’s TWITTER account and seeing one Tweet and 3 followers or seeing a blog with 1 post from 2008.  It sends the wrong message and can sabotage other well executed parts of the brand.

At One South, we care about your brand and offer tools to fill your profiles with content that helps craft your message. We can help craft the correct tone and message that supports the message you choose to broadcast.  We can consult with you on the correct platforms to use based on your skills and budget.

In conjunction with The Hodges Partnership (Richmond’s leading PR and Social Media Group) and Floricane (Business Strategist), we developed a social strategy that supports what we do.  Leverage our knowledge and put it to work for you.