Nov 3, 2020

Features and Benefits — Sales Skills Matter

Bellevue Homes builds an amazing house.

Spend a few minutes with builder Jon Rasich and you will understand that he has a passion for building housing designed to out perform and outlast any of his competition. From materials to window size and orientation to systems, his belief that all houses should be not just green, but truly HIGH PERFORMANCE is at the core of his belief.

After experiencing little success with his original discount broker, Jon interviewed agents at One South to find a representative(s) that shared his vision, understood how to communicate it to the market AND understood how to provide the necessary data back to the builder. Being able to verbalize the features and benefits of a house that provides amazing air quality, low energy usage, minimal thermal gain and correct orientation (to name a few of its hundreds of features) was paramount in establishing the value in the buyer’s mind.

The result was not only a sale of the existing home in a short amount of time (31 days on the market) and at a price that set a new ‘per square foot’ record‘ in both Oak Park and Chesterfield for new non-waterfront housing (as of June 2012), 2 additional homes were sold to be built to buyers that valued the high-performance housing that is Bellevue’s signature.

At the end of the day, sales skills and product knowledge matter greatly and One South strives to give its agents the tools they need to compete for listings at the highest level.

31 days on the market.  $200+/SF.