Nov 3, 2020

Listing with One South

In the old days, life was a lot simpler for the Realtors.

As an industry, we controlled access and we controlled the information.   The home buying and selling public relied on us…mostly because they had no other choice.  We held the lockbox key, had a ‘for sale’ book (who remembers the books?) and access to MLS.  There was no internet, no Zillow or Trulia, there was no IDX, no MLS Client Portals and above all, no e mails.

Obviously, the fundamental change to the industry brought on by the advent of technology is far reaching and the new breed of broker.

Here is how we choose to use it.


  • Photography
  • Video
  • Print


  • Google
  • IDX


  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • Realtor


  • FB
  • Twitter