Nov 3, 2020

Looks Matter – Our Print Materials

Looks do matter if you are in marketing.

Our stuff looks really good and that was always our intention. By bringing a more progressive look to our marketing materials and focusing on photography, color palates and typography, we design brochures and other collateral that speak to the marketplace. The ‘Nouveau Richmond’ brochure we created to highlight much of our Downtown inventory did a great job to raise awareness of the emerging niche of the development going on east of VCU.

[ The ‘Fact Sheet’ ] In order to create a look that departed from the ornate and overwrought fact sheets of yesteryear, we created a standard brochure with a look and feel that was more contemporary and clean than our competition.  We have evolved with numerous different versions depending on the look and feel of the home in addition to the original version.  While we also believe that while the web presence, in-bound lead experience and syndication strategy are more important than the development of print, there is value in a clean, tight and professional ‘Takeaway Piece.’

scots landing screenshot[ Subdivision or Project Brochure ] As few builders or developers have the time, energy or wherewithal to employ an entire marketing department, we can fill in the gaps.  Having worked on so many different projects and within numerous subdivisions, we can scope, create and execute quality pieces to give even the smallest project a feel that it is worthy of quality collateral.  As a group, we love working on the new developments, but urban and suburban, as they allow us to really use our marketing acumen.

[ The OSR Logo ] We designed the OSR logo in collaboration with one of the most talented graphic artists in Richmond, Carrie Fleck Walters with Studio Savvy Design.  Her work is routinely recognized as best in class (as was our logo) and her designs make a difference.

[ The Decatur ] Loft 39B in the Decatur was a special property that deserved a special brochure.  The overwhelming newness of the Manchester movement meant that the brochure had to not only bring out the amazing features and textures of the loft itself, but also had to educate the marketplace on what was happening in Manchester.  We think this did the trick and to this day, this sale marks the highest price paid for any residential property in industrial Manchester.

[ VCU Housing Poster ] If you walk off either of VCU’s campuses (either the Medical Campus in Downtown or the Monroe Park campus along the eastern edge of the Fan), you are going to be close to a One South project…so we decided to create a unique poster for all of our listings that were in the VCU bubble.  Always seeking alternative ways to create awareness of the properties we represent, we are constantly trying to challenge ourselves to find a new and better way.  This poster turned out to be well received and quite effective.

[ 216 Paxton ]  In order to properly showcase a home with as much visual uniqueness as this one, it was decided that a single home website and custom brochure were the correct combination of print and web.  The resulting web based marketing package speaks for itself.  The web page was designed and executed ‘in-house’ and hosted on the OSR servers so that modifications and updates are immediate.  For the agents, having a running tally of the spectacular and engaging properties represented on the web is invaluable.

[ Marshall Street Bakery ] Selling an urban project is only partially about the individual spaces…it is usually as much about the neighborhood, architect and developer as it is about the layout and features.  Our ‘standard‘ brochure for projects and upscale homes is another option at our agents fingertips to help our agents really showcase their listings.