Nov 3, 2020

New Homes // We Love New Homes

Well, we like OLD homes, too, but a well done home that is new and fresh and crisp and clean….well that is a powerful feeling.

The NEW HOME industry took it on the chin for a while but is on its way back and we are going to be a part of that.  At One South, we have brought our considerable skills and years of experience to the table and put it work for the builders and developers of the coming era.  By employing smarter tactics than just planting a few warm bodies in open houses on Sundays or trying to get someone to like a Facebook page, we are able to create solutions that are custom to each situation.

We offer a full service package that can be used by the building and development community including:

With builder staffs cut to the bone simply to survive, much of what a builder used to be capable of is no more.

One South fills in the gaps.