Nov 3, 2020

Our Accolades – Cool Stuff We Have Done

Despite our relatively young age, we have been involved in some pretty high profile events and been called on for thoughts and opinions on many stories in the Metro.

[ TV Ads ] “We are the R.”

Scott Garnett and Andrea Levine, both of One South Realty, were selected to appear in these spots sponsored by the Virginia Association of Realtors. Having two of your agents selected by your association to represent all of the Realtors in the State of Virginia speaks volumes to the trust that those who know have in the folks at One South.

Scott appears at :16

Andrea appears at :08

[ Times Dispatch ]  Andy Little of John B Levy & Company writes a column for the RTD in the Metro Business Section.  Having him reference our work in his column makes us proud.

[ The Downtown Loft Tour ] We were on the original planning committee for the highly successful Downtown Loft Tours sponsored by Venture Richmond.  We not only acted as planners, but we provided many of the tour guides on the buses that circled the city with those amazed by transformation taking place.

[ Modern Richmond ] Andrea Levine, one of One South’s first, and subsequently, most successful agents, has a love of mid-century modern architecture.  She and a group of like minded individuals founded a tour that celebrates Richmond’s surprisingly robust modern niche.  With monthly tours showcasing ‘modernism’ all throughout the Metro, MR is an amazing example of how the agents of One South make themselves part of something greater.

[ Broad AppetitScott Garnett, the de facto ‘Mayor of Broad Street,’ was instrumental in helping plan the highly successful Broad Appetit festival that is now going on its 5th year (2012).  With what seems like every restaurant in Richmond setting up shop along a shut down Broad Street, the festival attracts people from all over RVa to the historic Broad Street corridor and provides amazing exposure for the overall area and the developers and property owners who benefit from it.

[ The Town Hall ] As we all know, the years post-collapse have been tough on everyone.  In many ways, the lending guidelines prescribed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA have had as much to do with declining home values as any other economic factor.  The Feds needed to hear about it and Laura Lafayette, CEO of the RAR, asked One South to be one of three on stage with Majority Whip Eric Cantor to discuss the effect of financing on housing.  We were obviously honored to accept.

[ Mission 10 ] Dennis Norwood came to us from a smaller brokerage with a mortgage lending background and a strong belief that mankind should always be willing to help another in a time of need.  Dennis and Mission 10’s goal is to help in small but powerful ways.  Filling an oil tank during the winter months or buying a car for someone to drive a loved one to a specialty care facility is not the typical high profile charity, but it precisely what Mission 10 does best.  Dennis and his network simply tries to make thing happen with $10 donations….and that approach puts helping within reach of us all.

rbs[ Richmond Biz Sense ] Al Harris, David Larter and the other reporters at RBS have made it a regular practice to call on us for tips, confirmations and to pass opinions on much of the real estate news going on throughout the Metro.  Sometimes we are quoted (here, here and here) and other times we help the authors understand the market dynamics, but we enjoy being a part of the daily news about town.

We also get regular mention in the RBS Commercial Roundup for our investment and development sales.