Markham Planning

Focused on the Richmond Metro, Markham Planning has the local experience, contacts and knowledge base to add value to any planning effort in the region. Community engagement and facilitation, government operations, and land use and zoning are Markham Planning’s areas of strength.

If your project needs special approval, whether it is a subdivision plat, rezoning, variance or special use permit, Markham Planning will get you through the entitlement process. They have the expertise to handle the neighborhood meetings, draft ordinances, and testify before the City Council.

Markham Planning navigates the complicated world of codes, permitting and bureaucracy so you can focus on the end result. They are a team of professionals who have worked in local government and will save you time and money gaining approvals for everything from complex and large scale construction projects to small repair jobs.

Markham Planning will get the most out of your property. Parking requirements, setbacks, lot coverage, stormwater, utilities and grandfathered rights all play a part in how land can be developed. They will analyze the physical constraints and the codes to create the most livable communities and maximize the development potential for your property, neighborhood or city.


Lory Markham

Real Estate Team

Lory Markham