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Emrick Flats

In many ways, Emrick Flats is the signature One South project.

The Emrick Flats is a 25 unit residential condo development (1 commercial space is a part of the development) built inside of an early 20th Century car dealership. The property is known for its unapologetic industrial chic warehouse design.

Located in Jackson Ward along the intersection of Broad Street, Adams Street and Brook Road, The Emrick Flats building takes on the shape of the triangular lot that it was built upon. It is one of the most unique buildings in the City.

In 2007/8, Jackson Ward was just beginning in earnest to rebound from many years of a negative population trend, despite its proximity to the BioTech Park, City Hall, and the State Capital. Emrick Flats was one of several projects that accelerated the of the neighborhood.

The development team consisted of Sam McDonald of Property Results in conjunction with Clachan Properties. Walter Parks Architects and MGT Construction provided design and building services.