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Tribeca Brownstones

Tribeca (TRIangle BElow CAry) was a three-phased project featuring brownstone-styled townhomes, contemporary townhomes and craftsman-inspired single-family homes. Located on the fringe of VCU along Harrison Street, Tribeca provided an engaging entryway to the Randolph neighborhood.

A commercial broker and architect teamed up to purchase some land from RRHA (Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority) to develop a series of townhomes on VCU’s southern border in the Randolph neighborhood. After much negotiation with the neighborhood, the Tribeca Brownstones were created to provide a more upscale and urban feel to the block.

Open design, flexible spaces, larger kitchens, contemporary finishes and engaging exteriors, all parts of a Johannas Design signature project, drove the aesthetic of the development and will shape the block’s additional phases over time.

Dave Johannas acted as both architect and developer. Multiple contractors were used over the duration of the project.