Alison McCabe


Before coming to One South Realty, Alison worked in the non-profit affordable housing industry. She spent the first part of her career there helping first-time homebuyers purchase homes through organizations such as Better Housing Coalition and Community Housing Partners.

Going into her seventh year as a Realtor, Alison’s focus has been on selling houses, townhomes and condominiums in the city (area 10), the near West end (area 20), and Henrico County (Area 22), although she’s also sold in Chesterfield, Goochland and Charles City counties.

She has lived in the city and Henrico county and owns and manages several investment properties in these areas, further expanding her personal real estate knowledge.  She has also been involved with several historic rehabs and renovations of historic properties.

She has been a licensed MLO (Mortgage Loan Originator) since 2011, an expertise that keeps her up to date on the best loan products and downpayment assistance grants for buyers.

Alison has a passion to see all people thrive in safe, sustainable and affordable housing.

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