Brittaney Marshall


Brittaney offers a decade of experience as a business leader and has a successful background in the ownership and management of short-term properties.

“I have an enduring fascination for homes and neighborhoods each with their own unique charms and ability to foster joy, community, and cultural expression. I wanted to get as close as I could to our community and that lead me to where I am today.”

Offering a responsive data-driven approach to market research, she sets accurate expectations, keeps folks informed, and strives to make the transaction as easy as turning the key to your new home. She is motivated, highly organized, and communicative.

“I understand the importance of guiding people throughout the process, sharing clear information, and amplifying client voices.”

Originally from western Michigan, Brittaney has been a Richmond area resident for 14 years. She loves gardening, podcasts, cycling, and exploring local trails. Brittaney and her partner hang their hats in their dream home in a friendly neighborhood tucked between the James River and Forest Hill Park. Here they enjoy regular visits to the neighborhood cats and backyard gatherings with friends and family.

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