Jason Moneymaker


Having spent a number of years building his development company, Moneymaker Properties, Jason spent years watching real estate agents prioritize profits over their clients’ long term goals. Making the transition to real estate sales, he aims to fill what he sees as a void in the real estate industry – good people who will put their clients’ needs above their own, but also have a strong command of the technicalities and nuances of the process.

Jason’s background in construction allows him to fully understand what makes a house not only pleasant to live in, but a great financial investment. His experience as an investor equips him to discern and predict what may cause a house to gain or lose value over time, allowing his clients to reach every decision with full confidence and understanding of their investment.

“My involvement in the development industry has armed me with connections to investors, builders, and renovators who keep me updated on what’s coming to market long before it is made public knowledge, an asset that is particularly valuable in a market as dynamic and ever-changing as Richmond’s.”

As a Richmond native and VCU grad, Jason’s love for the city runs deep. When he’s not working on a home renovation or showing clients around town, you can find him enjoying all that the city has to offer with his wife and two children.

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