Mair Downing


In 2002 Mair set out to buy a house. She was a first-time homebuyer. And in Hampton Roads, the market was hot. She lost every bid she put in. All 15 of them.

Less than six-months later, she relocated to Richmond and bought a house. Easy-peasy—with one exception. Her agent mentally checked out early, leaving her with late-in-the-game complications.

When the title company called and said they wouldn’t make her Friday close, Mair did what she knew best. She negotiated a way to stay on track.

“A home is more than bricks and sticks. It’s a celebration of independence, aspiration and accomplishment. Buying or selling a home is a monumental moment, in which I’m honored to play a role.”

Somewhere in those conversations, Mair fell in love with real estate. She enjoyed collaborating with the teams and strategizing a way forward. She wanted to be the agent she never had. But couldn’t do it until she was ready to go all-in, which meant being an agent who…

  • Listens and puts your concerns ahead of doing a deal.
  • Supports you through all phases.
  • Instills confidence by being honest, transparent and collaborative.

Mair is now all-in, and ready to help you accomplish your goals.

Mair grew up in Lottsburg, in Virginia’s Northern Neck. But she spent the last 20 years calling RVA home. As a mom of two teen daughters, Mair looks forward to the day she can watch her swimmer butterfly her way to a win or her b-baller fast-break for two.

If you’re a podcast junkie, don’t miss Mair on Obsessed with Homes (, a podcast exploring the emotional connection we have with our spaces.

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