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Nate Simon is a unique, hybrid Realtor, who feels as comfortable along the sidewalks of the city as he does along the banks of the South Anna River. After graduating from VCU with a BFA in Communication Design, he settled into city life for nearly 20 years. Longing for something different, Nate and his family moved to a peaceful country setting, near where he grew up in Hanover County.


With his wife Heather, Nate runs BigTree, a web and graphic design studio based in Ashland, Virginia. His marketing/advertising background includes some of the largest real estate projects in the Richmond area. He has worked on the promotion of multiple major high-rise renovations, new builds, and historic restorations. Through personal experience of meticulous hands-on renovation of his own investment properties around the area, Nate has gained greater insight into exactly what it takes to restore a home. Working alongside several Realtors over the years, his love of design and a passion for real estate has brought him here to One South.

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