Rick Jarvis


I believe it is the job of any agent to help clients better understand their decision. Simply put, helping a client truly understand the forces that drive the market means better results and far less stress for all involved. It is important to be as knowledgeable on the 15th floor of a Downtown tower as it is on 30 acres and being able to identify the trends in any market is the hallmark of an accomplished advisor.

As a lifer in the industry (20+ years), I have had the opportunity to work with many of Richmond’s most talented builders, developers and architects on many projects throughout the Metro region. This experience in new homes, condos, historic renovations, investment properties and land development has proven invaluable to many clients and One South’s continued involvement in development keeps all of us consistently in touch with market trends.

As a lifelong Richmonder, I feel the advice I give is based on a combination of life experience and real estate experience. Being born, raised and educated in one city gives me a unique depth of perspective that I am able to offer to my clients each and every day.

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