Scott Garnett

Associate Broker

Raised in Northern Virginia, Scott came to Richmond to follow his father’s footsteps and attend the University of Richmond. He graduated in 1990 with a degree in Political Science and quickly took an active interest in real estate in the Richmond area.

“I think being so involved with renovation and construction early in my career now allows me to help clients understand the building process AND the sales process.”

Inspired by his first employer and mentor, he obtained his license at the age of 22 where he learned property management, construction/renovation, valuations and investment property. After working in property management, Scott expanded his interest in design and construction by building custom homes for seven years and renovating houses in the Fan area as a hobby. He purchased his first house at age 23 and still continues to invest in real estate in the Richmond area and beyond.

His construction experience and investments have given him valuable knowledge and understanding of all aspects of real estate that he conveys to his clients. Known for understanding construction methods as well as any agent in the Metro, Scott’s clients feel extremely comfortable with the physical makeup of the properties they purchase.

In addition to his knowledge of construction methods, Scott has helped represent several successful infill projects in many of Richmond’s neighborhoods.

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