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November 3, 2020

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The Many Types of Valuations

But Zillow said … But the assessment is … Well, my appraisal said … When it comes time to sell ...
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Winning in the Spring Market

Just so you know -- its coming -- and it is not going to be pretty. 'And what, exactly, are ...
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Little Girl Celebrating 2017 Hands Up

2017 – What to Expect

Ok, it is now a tradition here at One South -- predicting the coming year and offering some guidance as ...
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Algorithms and Realtors

Find a table of Realtors and have them go around a circle describing what they do. Odds are, you will ...
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Doughnuts and Interest Rates

Twenty plus years ago, just as I was getting into the real estate business, interest rates sat at 7.5 percent ...
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2016 – What to Expect

At the beginning of each year, we try to write a piece offering our predictions for the coming season. 2015 was ...
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Please, don't be mad at us. It is really not our fault ...


You're gonna be mad at us. We wish there was something we could do about it, but there's nothing. Maybe ...
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Coming Soon

Coming Soon or Losing Soon?

Zillow's Coming Soon Section ... Good Idea or Bad? I have seen several statistics that say that 9 of 10 ...
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Huntt’s Row

Along the 2600 Block of Kensington Avenue in Richmond's Fan District will soon sit a development of 8 new town ...
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