The Consistent Misuse of ‘Dollar Per Square Foot’

November 3, 2020

We are all guilty of it. Realtors. Developers. Builders. Lenders. Appraisers. And of course, the buying and selling public. What are we guilty of? Misusing the ‘dollar per foot’ metric in our analysis of housing values. What is Dollar Per Foot? If you are unfamiliar with the ‘dollar per foot’ measurement then you haven’t been


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Huntt’s Row

Along the 2600 Block of Kensington Avenue in Richmond's Fan District will soon sit a development of 8 new town ...
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A Big Topic - Real Estate and the New Agent

A Big Topic – Real Estate and the New Agent

In the last year, One South has brought in some new agents.  And when we say ‘new,’ we mean 'brand ...
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Selling Your Home – A Summary of the One South Posts About Selling – DRAFT NEEDS UPDATE

Over time, we have written many posts. When we began in earnest to write our thoughts about real estate and ...
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Richmond 2.0 and the Rise of RVA

Bonefish or Pearl Raw Bar? Target or LaDiff ? CNN or FanoftheFan ? Bose or Fern and Roby? Fresh Market ...
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The First Time Home Buyer Article (FINALLY!)

We have received many requests from folks to write a blog about First Time Home Buying.  And while we have ...
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Searching Online – Know Your Data Source

What to know some secrets about searching online for homes?  See the chart below Online real estate search is exploding ...
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The Lazy Binary Is Impacting Your Decisions...

The Lazy Binary Is Impacting Your Decisions…

Sometimes moments of clarity strike with little notice. I was listening to an interview on NPR (yes, I occasionally listen ...
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Does Size Really Matter?

Here is the re-print of the article first published on Inman News, our industry's leader in content relating to real ...
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The Old Stone Row complex is a part of an urban infill sight in Richmond's Shockoe area. A property of this nature would be considered to be 'Class A' due to both its age and location.

Richmond VA Apartments, Briefly…

The Richmond VA apartment market can be broken down into 3 basic classes. Class A Apartments in Richmond VA A ...
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