Nov 3, 2020

Selling Your Home – A Summary of the One South Posts About Selling – DRAFT NEEDS UPDATE


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Over time, we have written many posts.

When we began in earnest to write our thoughts about real estate and put them on our network of sites, we didn’t realize how quickly the posts would accumulate.  Across our network, we crossed the 100 post mark sometime in early 2014.  While it was a neat accomplishment, it also began to create a bit of a problem in that unless you know what you are looking for, you don’t really know where to look.

So, we have begun to categorize the posts into a series of master posts which offer a quick guide to some of the different topics we cover.  The one you are currently reading is for the sellers…

The Listing Posts

Understanding the Databases

Understanding how to manage the databases which exist is both confusing and, well, even more confusing.  Here are some articles which may help:

  • A Look Inside is one of many articles which touches on the use of MLS versus Zillow or Trulia
  • If I Were a Buyer, while written from the buyer’s perspective, is really a seller instructional piece as well.  Just reverse the view…
  • Syndication of Listings is a HUGE deal in our business.  The flow chart should help…

If You Are Considering Going it Alone

At some point, everyone thinks about saving the commissions and just acting as their own advocate.  Here are some thoughts:

About One South and Our Methods

We take the way we sell very seriously.  Our commitment to print, web and strategy are very much based in serious thought, years of experience and a great deal of testing the best methods to accomplish the goal of maximum seller yield the appropriate time frame:

Pricing?  How Do We Price Homes?

Pricing is key, but understanding how to make that extra few percentage points for our clients means having advanced skills in analyzing the data.

And while we have written far many more, here are some of the ones we feel have the most value for those considering selling their property