Nov 3, 2020

The Emrick Flats // The Signature Project

In many ways, Emrick Flats is the signature One South project.

Located in Jackson Ward along the intersection of Broad, Adams and Brook Road, The Emrick Flats building takes on the shape of the triangular lot that it was built upon.  It is one of the most unique buildings in the City.

In 2007/8, Jackson Ward was just beginning in earnest to rebound from the effects of blight and decline caused by many years of a negative population trend.  Most Richmonder’s had long abandoned the thought that Downtown, much less Jackson Ward, could ever return to its former glory as a thriving neighborhood rich in diverse culture and entertainment.

It was our job to make them see otherwise.

By employing one of the first true targeted e mail campaigns to raise awareness of this quirky and funky uber-industrial building in the emerging JW Arts district, One South was able to create the buzz necessary to get the market talking…and buying.

Currently For Sale at the Emrick Flats