Nov 3, 2020

The First Time Home Buyer Article (FINALLY!)

iStock_000014309463Large_jpgWe have received many requests from folks to write a blog about First Time Home Buying.  And while we have written approaching 100 different articles across our network of sites about a myriad of topics, we have never actually written one about being a First Time Buyer.

Why, you ask?

Simple, it is too much to fit into one article.

From selection of an agent to the actual buying process to MLS/Trulia/Zillow to mortgage finance to valuations, far too many topics exist which need to be covered in depth to really condense into one succinct piece.

So in lieu of a First Time Home Buyer blog post, here is an index of articles which cover topics a FTHB would want covered (with a brief overview of each) so you can pick and choose the ones most important to you.


About Richmond

  • The Ultimate Relocation Guide was an attempt to describe Richmond to someone first coming to the Metro area without much of a clue about it.  Don’t worry, the rest of the articles are not this long…and it IS loooong…

General Tips on Buying

  • If I Were a Buyer is one my personal favorites as it is written in a very forthright manner.  It asks the question of ‘knowing what I now know, how would I (personally) buy a home in a market I did not understand?’
  • The Evolution of A Buyer discusses the changes the market underwent after the 2008 crash and how those who bought before won’t really recognize the process today.
  • Rules of Thumb is a quick and dirty/back of the napkin piece offering some quick ratios to keep in mind when searching.

Selecting an Agent

  • What Does a Buyer Agent Do got great reception when written and we send it around a lot to this day.  And I LOVE the hat picture.
  • Defining Success really questions how agents present themselves.  Many of us (Realtors) really miss the boat when it comes to the message we promote.

General Tips on Searching

  • A Look Inside discusses access to different sources of information on homes for sale (or sold) and how the general public can access MLS.
  • Know Your Data Sources touches on the differences between Zillow, Trulia, IDX and MLS.  It is hugely important to understand the differences.
  • I’m Afraid I Can’t Value that Home Dave is yet another article in our ongoing favorite topic, how Trulia and Zillow are not what they say they are…

Valuing Property

New Homes


Mortgage Finance

  • Understanding Mortgages requires some math so close to door, turn off all distractions and fill up the mug with a fresh cup of coffee
  • Is the 7/23 Dead? discusses the changing marketplace for fixed rate versus adjustable products.

Some Personal Favorites

  • Fannie and Freddie say ‘Burbs was written to highlight the differences between the condo and single family mortgage market and its impact on the urban core.
  • Being #99 gets you thinking about demographics and the impact of trends.  Just a neat little read, especially if you are a longtime Richmonder.
  • Golfing in Richmond is about (yep, you guessed it) buying a home on a golf course in Richmond.  And yes, I have been known to play golf on occasion.
  • Where Are the Cranes? was written when a buddy asked about development and RVA.  It got me thinking.
  • The Lazy Binary is another favorite which touches on subtlety in valuations and how people often refuse to acknowledge value in anything other than what they seek.