Nov 3, 2020

Web Presence // The Great Equalizer

We love the web.

SEO flow chart on blackboardWe love that it allows those who understand its application best to thrive.

We can deliver our message and the messages of our clients to more people in a more efficient and powerful manner than our competition. With a network of sites designed to be found, One South reaches more people for more relevant searches than any other brokerage in Richmond.

When we updated the totals during the spring of 2014, we found the One South network had generated…

  • over 200,000 unique visitors
  • over 1,700,000 page views
  • over 150,000 written words in our blogs and neighborhood descriptions
  • an astounding 24,000 hours of engagement on our sites

And these figures are rising…rapidly.

With page 1 rankings for popular general search terms like ‘Richmond Va MLS‘ and ‘Richmond Va Condos‘ and well as many Google Page 1 ranks for subdivisions such as ‘Oak Park homes for sale‘ and ‘Brandermill homes for sale‘ (any many, many more), the One South web strategy will continue to tilt the playing field in the direction of our agents and clients.

Does your site, your brokerage’s site or you agent’s site get found for popular search terms?

It should.

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