Nov 3, 2020

What’s in a Name? // One South Realty Group

The OSR webiste design and layout was influenced by architect Steven Holl

‘Where did the name come from?’

The name ‘One South Realty Groupis a direct extension of our mission to be a firm that is both ‘progressive’ AND ‘southern.’

The name was crafted to be a contemporary and minimalist interpretation of the architectural tendency to identify buildings by their addresses in lieu of creating grandiose names  (40 Wall Street / One Canada Square / One Congress Plaza. )  The name/number combination in architecture infers a subtlety or understatement which allows the public to create the persona.  The property-centric focus of our marketing aligned nicely with this motif and thus the name/number concept became the obvious choice.

We elected to combine ONE and SOUTH to introduce the concept that we understood the Southern ideals of ingrained respect, hospitality, a somewhat slower pace and the binding force of a handshake.  By framing the the ONE SOUTH name with the contemporary color palette and minimalist abstract skyline, we were able to create a logo that suggests a departure from traditional real estate brokerage and a subtle suggestion that there was a different business model at work.  And the words ONE + SOUTH imply unity. We like that idea as well.

The addition of the word GROUP was designed to highlight the fact that we are collective in nature and employ multiple disciplines under one roof.  We knew from day one that our corporate identity needed to be as powerful in a residential setting as in the commercial and development worlds.  The word GROUP implies a practice or team, which is exactly what we are.

One South Realty Group is not just our name, but it is a reflection of our vision, philosophy, structure and direction.